You have to laugh…I mean, I was actually in a toy store recently and the child was saying to his mom “OMG, OMG mom that’s the toy I want…”.  Can you believe it.

“Unfriend” has worked its way into my Funk & Wagnall’s – I’ve been unfriending people all my life – I now finally have a term for it!!  Thanks Facebook!

All this joking aside – I think I might have something to share with readers here.  I have been an Internet junkie since my first dial-up account in 1987.  I joined a BBS called “The Big Electric Cat” in NYC, and I suffered the then long distance toll call from Brooklyn to Manhattan – just to log into the text-based bulletin board system and get Usenet News from around the world.  What a concept – you couldn’t even explain to people what you were doing – kind of like Twitter now…

All along the way, I’ve managed to learn about and use most of the new technological advances on the Internet.  My first email, sent to an Aunt in Germany, took 3 days to go round trip with a reply.  Can you imagine that??  If you were astute (and I was just barely) – you could see the route the message took – from computer to computer – at various Universities and government institutions.  Now I just open the keyboard on my Google phone, and belt out an email that can get just about anywhere – almost instantaneously!!

Then, social media came along – and here we are.  And why?  Because we human beings are social animals – we thrive on contact with our fellow planet mates!  Find out about, and use the tools that are here for all of us – and you too will be “plugged-in” to the fastest growing communication arena ever imagined.

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