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OK, I’m on Facebook, but what is Twitter?

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Twitter is a micro-blog.

You have 140 characters (total) to tell your story.  Most avid users of Twitter (follow me on Twitter at my personal account @joninc or blog account @IneptiDude) will post multiple times per day.

This can be a fantastic resource to those of you who want to learn more about social media, or anything else for that matter.

Although many folks that are NOT on Twitter think that users post things like: “I’m heading into the shower,” or “Going to sleep now,” – this is simply not the case any longer.  Yes, some new users (and perhaps your friends) use Twitter in this way – but there is so much more to it than that.

Sign up for an account at http://www.twitter.com, look for the search box on the right side of the screen once you’re on your new home page – and search for terms that matter to you, things like “baseball”, “politics”, even “religion” – yes all of that is discussed on Twitter.  If you want to learn more about “social media”, or “Facebook” – plug those terms in and see what you get.  You’ll find people, marketers, businesses – all sharing what they think is important!

You will have to “follow” people to get their “tweets” – I know, this is a whole new language – but once you get it, you get it!!  A “tweet” is a single, personal post to the Twitter “feed”.  The “feed” is the total accumulation of all posted “tweets”.  Once you “follow” a Twitter account/user, their “tweets” will show up on YOUR homepage.

I’ll be posting more on Twitter in the very near future.  In the meanwhile, check out some of the resources and related articles below.  And – please ask any questions in the comments section below.

As always, I’d love to hear from you, please leave a comment below!!!

Twitter Resources:

Mashable’s Twitter Guide Book – this is my #1 learning resource, and all you’ll need to learn about Twitter!

Twitter’s Getting Started Forum – another great resource for beginners…

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